Facialists / Nilam Holmes


Nilam Holmes is one of the most recognised and trusted names in the Beauty Industry. Her expertise and professionalism are valued by clients globally. She is often featured in magazines and on screen showcasing her work.

The early years saw Nilam intensively training and learning on the job in various aspects of the industry, concentrating on brow design, permanent cosmetics, and skin treatments. It was here that she met cosmetic doctor Dr Saleh, who became Nilam’s mentor. She has been working closely with Dr Saleh over the past 10 years developing the Collagenwave technology, which has already become one of the most sought-after treatments. She spends her time between clients in the UK and LA.

In 2008, she launched HD Brows Ltd. A year later she designed a full range of professional products with various cosmetic scientists to support the treatment. This product range has continued to grow and has revolutionized the way people look at brows.

Nilam has also become more involved in philanthropic work, collaborating with The Global Gift Foundation, founded by Eva Longoria and Maria Bravo, helping underprivileged women and children.